Museum of basque nationalism

The Sabino Arana Fundazioa's Museum of Basque Nationalism is the only one of its kind dealing with this subject and with such an extensive collection in the Basque County. Thanks to its collection and the different educational and recreational activities, it is a benchmark museum for people wishing to learn about and study the last 150 years of the history of the Basque Country and of Basque society and culture, and of the international sociopolitical situation.

The museum team compiles, preserves and features the intangible and tangible heritage of its collections. Their work acts as a framework for researching, understanding and disseminating the identity, progress and future development of peoples with their own identity.

Travelling exhibition

Mendirik Mendi. Euzko Mendigoizale Batza

Impulsada por el Museo del Nacionalismo Vasco de Sabino Arana Fundazioa y en colaboración con la Fundación Sancho el Sabio, la muestra es un homenaje a esta asociación de ‘montañeros y patriotas’ que sufrió la represión de la Guerra civil y la dictadura.

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  • Vitoria Gasteiz

    Mendirik Mendi. Euzko Mendigoizale Batza

    Fundación Sacho el Sabio. Portal de Betoño, 23

    27 from December to 29 from February